Monday, March 8, 2010

2010 Update

I’m sure we’ve been keeping you all is suspense since we have not updated in over two months. We’ve had a lot going on. Things have progressed pretty swiftly on the surrogacy front. Caitlin was on the nightly fertility shots for 10 days and then the egg retrieval occurred this past Saturday. Prior to the surgery, we were hoping for around 4-6 eggs. Unfortunately they were only able to retrieve 2eggs. The next step was finding out if we had embryos. We were in Target on Saturday morning and got the good news that we had two embryos.

Today at 3:15 pm our surrogate was implanted and now we are waiting. We have to wait 11 days before our surrogate can have a blood test to find out if she’s pregnant. The next 11 days are going to feel like an eternity. We would really appreciate prayers and positive thoughts for the next few weeks.

Cait’s also been really stressed about her mom Kerry. She had a bad fall several weeks ago when Cait had her out doing errands. Kerry wound up in rehab for a few weeks and is now staying with Cait’s oldest sister. It has been a really rough couple of months. We are really hoping that we have some good news coming. We’ll try to update more frequently!

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Last Post of 2009

Hi All,
Two more days until 2010! Yeah!
Well, I am very excited because I just ordered tickets to see Wicked. I’ve wanted to see it for a few years but was too cheap to spend the $. It was playing in Boston last year but they tickets were all over $100 and I was just too stingy. Well, my sister Megan just saw it last night in Providence, RI and I had no idea it was even there.
I decided to call up the theater and see if there were any tickets left in the accessible area because it is only there until January 10th! I lucked out and got us two tickets for the matinee on January 9th @ 2pm. Yeah! It was a splurge but we never do anything like this! Needless to say, I’m very excited.
The new insurance cards arrived two days ago so we are just waiting for January 1st to roll around so Boston IVF can begin the prior approval process. Yesterday I had to go for an ultrasound for my ovarian cyst and I was very disappointment to learn that it had no disappeared. The doctor mentioned that it could just go away but no such luck so far. I am waiting to hear back from my gynecologist to find out if it has decreased in size. I really hope the cyst does not set us back with our IVF process. Please keep your fingers crossed.
For New Years my friend Megan is coming over and my mom. We plan to make multiple appetizers. It should be fun. I just realized today that I have New Years Eve off from work! What a pleasant surprise!
We hope you all have a happy and safe New Years!
P.S. The pics are of Rosie with her adorable bow tie from Aunt Mo, our xmas tree and me with my adorable nephew Conor (age 5).